1.- What´s tweetalot?

Tweetalot is a service i have created to allow easily to patreon users to connect with their fan base on twitter. It allows you to tweet periodically and automatically information from your patreon account. Things like your tiers, the number of patrons added last month,etc..

2.- Is it free?

It is free to use to all patreon creators. Since i have a patreon account myself (locuud on patreon), there is a tier for those who want to contribute to keep this service alive. Subscribing to this tier allows you to remove the message 'via @tweetalot_com', that appears at the end of the tweets.

3.- How does it work?

It´s really easy to use. You are 4 steps away and it takes less than a minute.

  • 1.- Click on agree to terms and conditions

    In the home screen click on the checkbox, i agree to the terms and conditions and conditions of use (you can find the conditions in the links. This is because the server is in Europe and it is required by the legislation). Clicking the checkbox will enable the 'Connect with twitter button'

  • 2.- Connect with twitter

    Once the checkbox is checked, click on connect with twitter.

    Allow us to access to your account

  • 3.- Connect with Patreon

    Once you allow us to access to your twitter account, you will be logged in. Now you have to connect with patreon.

    Click on connect with patreon. You will get this screen. You have to click on 'Allow'

    After this your account will be connected

  • 4.- Click on preferences and you will see the available rules.

    These are the available rules. Just click on any of them to enable it

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