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Launching the blog

What is this?

This is the first post of many to come. In those articles you will learn about creators, how to create better content and how to make your creations better. 

Why should i follow reading this article?

Probably you shouldn´t because this first article in fact is a test. You always have to throw something in production to see if it works and this article is this. So, welcome to the article text.
Once you know the truth about this article, i will tell you the other reason for this article (apart from testing the blog). I have a problem and you probably have it too. The problem is overthinking and trying to get the best possible version. So in my case i just keep adding funcionalities and this makes me to don´t ship the stuff. So a small advice, just create an imperfect thing and ship it. Now!. Ship it now! 
The problem is well known and it´s real, so stop reading now, create something and ship it. Show it to your friends, publish it on twitter and once you have your first product/content/podcast or whatever the second is easier.

I will not say it again, stop reading and ship it.

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